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sn_theories's Journal

Supernatural Theories and mad speculation
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*By nature, this community will be spoileriffic.
*Members may start their own theory posts on any subject they choose. However, please follow the following guidelines.
*spoilers for already aired episodes are okay. However, please LJ cut if it's a new episode that's aired quite recently; wait at least a couple of days to post without LJ cuts. Those of us on the west coast don't get eps. at the same time as east coasters and those in other countries may have to wait a couple of days for downloads to become available.
*spoilers for episodes that have not yet aired must be cut, and please be courteous of others when posting them. If you are posting spoilers for future episodes in comments, I suggest you put them in white font so that they must be highlighted to be read.
*I will be tagging all entries; certain more significant or involved entries will be added to the memories. The memories will largely be done by episode, while the tags will have character(s), episodes, and any other category I think is significant to list it under.
*Remember, it's a theory comm, so keep the posts on topic. Most members probably belong to another comm for their news/icons/fics/whatever if they're interested in that stuff.

Specific episode discussion posts are located as follows:

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Wendigo
1.3 Dead in the Water
1.4 Phantom Traveller
1.5 Bloody Mary
1.6 Skin
1.7 Hookman
1.8 Bugs
1.9 Home
1.10 Asylum
1.11 Scarecrow
1.12 Faith
1.13 Route 666
1.14 Nightmare
1.15 The Benders

Other speculation:

Other links:

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